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Sailing Program FAQs

How old does my child have to be?
Your child must be 8 years old before the summer begins to register in any class.

What class should my child be in?
Many factors go into the placement of each sailor.  Sailing abilities, age and size are the biggest deciding factors.  We want to encourage camaraderie and friendships between sailors.  This tends to happen when sailors are in the same class for multiple summers in a row.  However, kids grow and learn at different rates.  If a sailor is not big enough for a Laser or a 420, then he or she should stick to Optis.  If a sailor is not skilled enough for 420 racing, then he or she should stick to JSP.  Although it might be undesirable to be separated from friends, it would be equally undesirable to be in the back of the pack every class.  The head instructor would be happy to discuss what class your child should be in. 

What if I don’t have an Opti?
Many people rent their boats.   Often times people post on our website about rental opportunities.

Is sailing dangerous?  Will my child get hurt?
Safety is our top priority.  All the instructors are trained in first aid and CPR.  All of our motorboats as well as our sheds are equipped with first aid kits.  We also carry each sailors' emergency contact information with us during class. 

What happens if there is no more room in a class?
Unfortunately this does happen from time to time.  We set class limits not to be exclusive but to maintain a safe environment.  If a class fills up, we can set up private lessons so that your child gets to experience the joy of sailing. 

What happens if the weather is bad?
We try to go sailing no matter what.  At times, conditions, such as extremely high winds or threat of thunderstorms, prevent that from happening.  When this does happen, classes are shortened to a one-hour land lesson.  Conditions can change from moment to moment.  The head instructor keeps a close eye on the weather radar and will make the call no later than 25 minutes before class.  A mass text message will be sent out. 
 There is no refund if students have class on land due to inclement weather. 

Can my child make up a class if he/she misses one?  Unfortunately, no.  There is a maximum number of kids that we can have in a class for safety reasons.  Therefore, if your child misses a class, they cannot attend another class or attend a class the next session to make it up.

My child is going to miss a week of classes.  Do we have to pay for the whole session? Yes, we do not prorate or give refunds for classes missed.

How do I contact the head instructors?
Email is the best way to communicate with the head instructors.