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About the ACMYC

The Association of the Cotuit Mosquito Yacht Club was founded in 1950 at the request of the CMYC at its Fourth of July meeting for the purpose of organizing a group of interested parents to more efficiently run the rescue operations for the yacht club races. Prior to this time, in the early days of the club, the rescue of capsized sailors had often been done by local oystermen who were out on they bay. Later in the twenties, the fleet was largely looked after by Mr. James Morse from his location at the south end of Loop Beach. Directly after World War II the Sinclaires filled this role, using their boat for rescue and the house for activities. Mary Sinclaire had the inspiration to formalize this role anid suggested the formation of the Association.

Under the direction of a temporary executive committee consisting of Samuel Almy, Victor Boden, Walter Holdstein, Edward Moore, Benjamin Peirson, W. W. Sinclair, and Benjamin White the Association raised funds for a motor boat and drafted plans for a permanent organization. The Association was then incorporated October 17, 1950, by Benjamin White, William Ebling, Horace Bailey, Francis Barton, Edward Moore, Mary Catherine Sinclaire, and Henry Bailey.

The original bylaws indicate that anyone who makes a contribution to the Association “shall be a member unless subsequently disapproved by a vote of the majority of the Council present and voting at a regular meeting of the council.” There is an annual meeting held on the second to last Saturday of August. There is a Council, chosen by the members by ballot at the annual meeting. The council has twelve members with three year terms with four members rotating off each year. We encourage everyone involved with the CMYC in any capacity, from racing, participation in the instructional program or spectating to be a contributor and an active member of the ACMYC.

Initially the primary role of the Association was to provide the motor boat or “crash boat” for the CMYC races, which were started from the Sinclaires' pier. In 1960 the yacht club moved to the beach of Ms. Harriet Ropes Cabot and a pier was provided by the Association in addition to the boat.

The Pram Program was begun in 1960 on an informal basis by Edith Mattison Henderson. It officially came under the direction of the Association in 1968, with Mrs. Henderson as the Chairman of the Pram Committee assisted by Patricia Neville and Lawrence Odence. Peter Mattison was in charge of the instruction. Due to its great success, it is now the signature activity of the Association with about 150 children participating throughout the summer.

In order to provide a venue for the older members who had completed the Pram Program, the instructional program has expanded over the last thirty years to include an Opti racing team, a junior sailing program, which gives an introduction to Lasers, 420s and Cotuit skiffs, and a 420 racing team.

The Association also had the good fortune of being provided a home in the early 1990s. The Ropes–Hinkle family sold the present location adjacent to Ropes Beach to the Association in 1994. This now allows the Association to maintain a permanent center for its activities. With it we also have considerably more responsibility for the maintenance and insurance for these activities, as well as a considerably larger staff during our summer months. As in the past tuition is paid by the participants, but the boat coverage and structure of the Instructional Program is provided through the Association.

The association remains a vibrant group which is ultimately dependent on its member’s enthusiasm to continue. We exist as a group of “individuals interested in the safety and welfare of the Cotuit Mosquito Yacht Club…to render such services or furnish such facilities as may be specifically approved by the voting members of the Yacht Club and in no event shall the Association interfere with the normal yachting affairs of the club.” This relationship has worked very well over the years, allowing the original spirit of the founding members to continue through the present, now over 100 years later.

1. Booklet put out by the CMYC around 1970 provided by Bunker Henderson
2. ACMYC Bylaws
3. Discussion with Captains of Cotuit